About us

Hobby365 is an online store that sells quality accessories for knitting, crocheting and other various needlework.  
We started E-commerce in September 2018. We currently only conduct online sales with the advantage that we can be open 24 hours a day and with a great e-mail support that also responds on weekends.
 We have the right knowledge to run a serious and secure e-commerce. We have gained this expertise through many years of experience in e-commerce. We answer any questions you may have. Many of our employees have experience with running online shops. 
As an online hobby shop, we work according to three golden principles:  
Good and fast customer service via e-mail.  
We want to sell the cheapest goods online. 
We want to deliver quickly.  
Contact Us Welcome to contact us if you need help!  
Hobby365.se Dalagatan 2 A
52145 Falköping  
Email us We respond to all emails within 24 hours. Even on weekends! Contact: info@hobby365.se

Knitting Techniques

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