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A guide of embroider threads- types, features and advantages


A guide of embroider threads- types, features and advantages

Embroidery on any cloth, apparel or decorative items enhances their overall look. For creating a perfect embroidery on any object, there will be a need of high-quality Embroidery Thread. You as a weaver must know about different types of embroidery threads, their features and advantages. Let’s check them out to create a perfect piece of embroidered object:

Polyester embroidery threads

Polyester thread is one of the most and popular threads that weaver prefer for their work. It is also an economical choice so this thread is widely demanded. The main advantage of this embroidery yarn is that it is durable and can retain shape even after so many washes. You can find this thread in a wide assortment of colors which make it a versatile option. Another main feature of this polyester thread is that it is strong and won’t easily break while making designs on fabric.

Because of its strength, tear-resistant nature and color fastness, polyester thread is becoming one of the most popular threads for embroidery needs. Also, it is suitable for all sorts of fabrics as this thread it won’t shrink after wash.

Cotton threads

One of the most economical options of embroidery threads is cotton thread. It is the only thread that has 100% natural fiber. This cotton embroidery yarn is designed using the high-speed machines. No matter what sort of fabric you have, you can embroider on it using cotton threads with ease. However, if you are doing embroidery for the first time, you must start with other threads. Cotton threads for embroidery can be a bit difficult for the beginners.

The main features of this thread are softness, durability and easy care. In addition to this, cotton threads can be washed many times without worrying about color fading. As this thread has colorfastness, you can wash it as many times as you want. One of the main advantages of this thread is that it is available in various thread weights.

Silk embroidery

Silk is the most useful and popular thread that can be sued for various designs on bedsheet, cushion cover, quilt, bedsheet and apparels. The main highlight of this silk thread is its sheen and softness. The items designed using this thread can be washed with ease. But bleaching should be avoided as it can impact the overall sheen of this type of thread.

This kind of embroidery thread has excellent sheen which adds a distinctive look to all the embroidered projects. These threads are a bit expensive but suitable for various kind of projects.

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