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Different ways to know- Knitting in the round


Different ways to know- Knitting in the round

Are you finding round and circular knitting a bit difficult? Don’t know how to create round patterns using round sticks? If yes then you need to know about these crucial methods. All these below-mentioned methods are useful for making circular projects. Beginners who have just started knitting might find round knitting projects difficult. Thus, they need to get an idea of these methods.

Here you can find out three main methods that will help you know about the round knitting process using round hooks. Check these methods in detail manner:

Double pointed needle method

If you have to knit anything in a round or circular shape, you’ll have to follow some techniques that are mentioned here. The pointed Needle method is one of the classic methods that is useful for knitting in the round. For this type of knitting, one needs to have only one set. Many knitters love to use this type of method for knitting in rounds. However, many beginners also find this method a bit hard to keep track of five different needles.

Two Circular Needles method

For knitting something in a round, you have another crucial option which is the use of two circular needles. If you don’t have any idea of using a double-pointed needle then you can also try this method. As the name suggests, you can use two circular needles to create different patterns in a circular design. In this method, knitters work with two smaller circular needles instead of having one long needle.

When you try this method, one needle will always be the "top" needle and the other one will be the "bottom" needle. With the help of this method, stitches will be on the same circular needle and you don’t have to transfer stitches from one needle to the other. So, this is a crucial method that involves Round Sticks.

Magic Loop method

Another crucial method for round knitting is the Magic Loop method in which you just need one circular needle. This circular needle needs to be 32" or more for the knitting process. One big advantage of using this method is that you can try this method for any of your circular knitting projects. It helps in hassle-free knitting and ensures precision in the work. However, this method can be sometimes difficult to learn by beginners. So, it requires a lot of practice to learn its basics.

To sum up

Crocheting and knitting is an art for many knitters. If you want to make round knitting, you need to know all these above-mentioned methods. Are you looking for round sticks and hooks for crochet and knitting works? If yes then you’ve come to the right place as Hobby365 has a wide gamut of knitting products for you.

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