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How to Make Basket Crochet from Scratch


How to Make Basket Crochet from Scratch

Crochet baskets are the cutest when you use them as the best homemade items to organize your home. Whether you want to use it as a place to keep your wallets and keys or to put some toys for kids, use it as a hanging item next to your door. The basket crochet is the best thing that you can make and then use. Making it helps you improve your skills as well as keep you calm.

There are many crochet basket designs available that you can make on your own. If you are new to these designs, there is no need to worry, as the crochet basket designs are available in huge numbers, which you can learn easily. Also, in this blog, we will share the step-by-step guide for making the basket.

Collect the supplies

Collect the items that you need for crocheting, such as

Yarn, crochet hook, scissors, and needle for stitching. And now let’s start making the basket crochet.

  1. Start with a magic ring and secure it with a stitch. Make sure to stitch it properly, as it is the base of the basket you are going to make.

Create a chain, and then work on the half double crochet stitches into the ring. Pull the ring closed and join the round by making a slip stitch.

  1. Make another chain by working on another half double crochet into the same stitch, then make 2 half double stitches around it. Join both ends at the top. By this, you will have 16 stitches. You must continue working on this step around and around to make another chain, and then repeat the same to make one more chain.

Continue repeating this step until you get the 48 stitches for your basket. As a beginner, you should start with this number of stitches. Only once you get it perfect can you make the number of chains and stitches you want.

  1. Work with 1 half double crochet into each stitch around through the back loops. This will create a ridge in your work. You must join both ends at the top and at the beginning.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied and think of adding a new color to the basket crochet.

Add the new yarn with another color to the slip stitch of the last round; this will make it easy for you to add another color of yarn, making the basket more beautiful.

Continue with the same steps as you did earlier with the new color yarn, and make the rounds and chains by following all the steps.

  1. For making the basket handles, you must work on each stitch, but you can skip the 7 stitches and then again start working on more stitches. Complete your basket by making the final stitches around with the darning needle.

You can make various designs of basket crochet by following this simple step. These are not tough, as you are thinking.

Enjoy making the basket

Spend your free time utilizing something; learn the crochet techniques, make new designs with them, and decorate your home. You can use the yarn that matches your interior and also add various colors to it. Doing crochet will help your mind stay calm and enhance your creative skills. Making the basket crochet will be beneficial to you in many ways. So, you must learn this process, even if you are a beginner.

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