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Knitting: A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfection


Knitting: A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfection

As bingers, you want a proper, professional, and perfect guide to start your knitting practice. Before starting, you must keep in mind that this process requires regular practice and a lot of concentration, as if you lose a single point, your whole knitting is a waste, and you need to start it from zero.

Knitting involves three essential steps and your focus; you need to master them to be a professional in knitting.

  • The initial one is to cast on

  • Following by the stitches

  • The last one—the final look

Let’s start with the details of these steps, but before that, you need to gather all the materials that are required while knitting. That are-

  1. Yarn: As bingers, you must select thick yarn and a bamboo stick. Once you learn the techniques, you can select based on your requirements.

  2. Needles: The wood or bamboo needles are best for you to use when you are leaning; these will cost you less and will last a long time.

A step-by step guide to knitting

  1. The initial one is divided into 12 simple steps, which are followed one by one to make it easy for you.

  • Leave a little yarn tail and hold the yarn with both hands.

  • Make a loop with yarn by bringing the hands together.

  • Hold the loop you just made with one hand and grab the unattached yarn behind the loop.

  • Pull the strand of yarn through the loop. By this, your slipknot is ready, which you are supposed to cast on the needle.

  • Put the slipknot on the needle and make it tighter by pulling the yarn.

  • Grab the short yarn tail you left earlier and put your thumb behind the yarn.

  • Hook the yarn by keeping a firm grip on your thumb and touching the needle to the front of your thumb.

  • Now, slide the needle into the loop made with your thumb.

  • Hold the needle and grab the yarn with another hand. Wrap it around the needle from back to front.

  • Pull down the yarn to make it meet the loop of the thumb; pull the loop on your thumb over the needle you are holding.

  • Place the loop on the needle and pull down the yarn tail to tighten the stitch.

You need to repeat this step as many times as you want the length of your cloth, but as a beginner, you must repeat it 10–12 times to learn it perfectly.

  1. Knit stitch

  • You need to insert the right needle into the first stitch you have made from bottom to top.

  • Push it into the stitch and grab the yarn attached. Grab it around the needle from back to front.

  • Pull the yarn down and notice the yarn peeking through the stitch, and then gently put the needle down and pick out the yarn on the needle.

  • Push the right needle into the loop, and a new stitch is made.

  • Pull the right needle from the left one, pull the yarn attached, and tighten the stitch.

You need to repeat this step 1–9 times to learn it perfectly. This will look very hard to you when doing it for the first time. So, learn it perfectly so that it doesn’t seem this hard to you. When you complete the second step perfectly, you now spin the needle and make new stitches as before to continue working on this.

  1. The final one: When you complete the second step properly, you will get some rows to continue working on the last step.

  • Knit two stitches.

  • Slide the left needle into the first stitch.

  • Pull the first stitch over the second stitch and continue to pull over the first stitch over the second.

  • Now you will get one stitch on the right needle. Repeat this step until the last stitch remains on the left one.


You get the complete guide for knitting like an expert, but you will only be able to complete this as an expert when you practice, as you cannot learn knitting the first time, not the second. You must practice continuously to become perfect and make a beautiful design.

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