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Know the list of knitting stitches that a knitter should know


Know the list of knitting stitches that a knitter should know

Hand knitting mainly depends on two types of stitching that involves knit and purl. In any type of stitch, there will be either a combination of these two stitches or their variation. Whether you’re using a cross knot device or any other knitting pin, your knitting work will only be a perfect one if you know the basic stitch of knitting. So, you must have idea of these stitches to create different patterns.

Here is a list of basic knitting patterns that every knitter should know:

Garter Stitch

If you’re a knitter then you must know what is a garter stitch and how to do it. This is the most basic type of stitch that you can try on different projects. In simple words, this stitch is known as the foundation for all other stitches. Therefore, one must learn how to do this stitch if one wants to learn other types of crochet and knitting stitches. This type of stitch involves the knit stitch for every row to create rows of consistent ridges. This will look the same from both sides

Cross knot stitch

In this type of stitch, you can use the cross knot device or pin to make beautiful patterns. The knitter will stitch over the tail to secure the work without needing a knot. Most knitters will avoid using knots when they’re cross-stitching because it can leave lumps in the final project.

Stockinette Stitch

If we are talking about different types of knitting stitches then we cannot forget about stockinette stitch. It is another common type of stitch that most knitters do while knitting. This sort of stitching involves alternating rows of knit stitches and purl stitches. All these stitches are based on the right and wrong sides of the fabric.

After garter stitch, beginners must learn stockinette stitch. This type of stitch is suitable for creating a ‘braided’ look on the right side of the fabric. So, one needs to know this type of stitch to create beautiful patterns on the fabric.

Rib Stitch

Rib stitching is also known as ‘ribbing’ which involves creating columns stitches. It can create both knit and purl stitches alternately. This ribbing stitching makes the fabric stretchy and textured. This is the reason, why it is widely used for knitting on cuffs and collars. For this kind of stitch, you should avoid using the fuzzy yarn. Make sure to choose a yarn that comes with a clearer stitch definition. With this sort of knitting stitch, you can create patterns on bedsheets, hats, and so on.

To sum up

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