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Understanding the type of knitting needles and their selection


Understanding the type of knitting needles and their selection

It is important to know different types of knitting needles if you want to make your knitting or crochet work perfectly. Sometimes, it is difficult to choose from the availability of different types of needles. From straight to Circular needles to Interchangeable, you can find numerous options of needles. So, here’s a guide that will help you know everything about the knitting needles that you’re going to buy.

Types of needles

There are mainly 3 types of knitting needles that one can use for their crocheting and knitting needs. These include straight, circular, and interchangeable knitting needles are used for different applications in crochet projects.

Straight needle: Most needles are straight, and these are considered the best type to start your project with. It consists of a tapered design at one end and a bead at the other side. This type of needle will help in preventing the stitches from sliding off.

Circular needle: Circular needles look like medical devices, but they serve various important purposes in crocheting. This type of needle will have two pointed ends and a tube that connects them. Circular needle is similar to straight ones so it is relatively easy for beginners.

Interchangeable knitting needles: Circular needles Interchangeable are similar to circular ones. The only difference is that the tips of this kind of needle can be changed and the cord’s length can also be cord adjusted. Because of this feature of interchangeable needles, it can suit different types of projects. You can find this knitting needle in sets.

Selection of the right knitting needle to suit your needs

Focus on the crochet project

Before you choose any needle, you must know what your project requires. If You’re making anything heavy then you must buy metal needles. For light-weight crochet, you can choose plastic or wooden ones.

Know the needle’s size

If you want to buy a knitting needle, you must first understand the size requirements. The knitting needles come in different sizes including length and width. So, choose the size that depends on the project. For blanket knitting, choose the bigger size of the need.

Knitting needle material

Another pointer that you need to consider is the material that has been used for making this needle. Knitting needles can be made from a wide variety of materials such as metal, plastics, and wood. Some materials of the needle are better for beginners and others are good for professional knitters.

To sum up

Before a crocheter starts a new project, they should choose the best-grade knitting needle. If you are confused then you can focus on the above-mentioned tips that are useful for selection of the knitting needles. You can also choose Hobby 365 as they have the best collection of crochet accessories. You can buy crochet and knitting supplies at highly affordable rates.

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