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What is Swedish wool yarn and how to select it?


What is Swedish wool yarn and how to select it?

Weavers mostly prefer using Swedish wool yarn as it is durable and has a sheen. The luster of this yarn makes it beautiful and appealing. It is warm in nature so this yarn is perfect for weaving warm clothes such as hats, baby blankets, pillows, sweaters, and so on. Along with these warm items, it is also suitable for making table runners, mats, hand towels, and wall hangings. If you want to make beautiful Swedish weaving then this yarn is the perfect option for it. With this type of wool yarn, you can create embroidery design by weaving yarn on a woven fabric.

Swedish yarn is of high quality and is soft and easy to weave with. It can also be used for felting. The best thing about this yarn is that it can washed both by hand and machine with ease.

Quick pointers for selecting the Swedish yarn

Artisans and weavers need to consider some points when they’re buying Swedish yarn. By following these pointers, you’ll be able to find the ideal option for the project that you are creating.

Know your weaving needs

The first and foremost pointer that will help you buy perfect Swedish yarn is your requirement. A weaver needs to know what they are going to make with the yarns. Are they making a heavy crocheted object such as a blanket or sweater? Do they want to make some lightweight rugs? You can choose the Swedish yarn depending on the type of weaving projects that you are creating for yourself.

Checkout its colorfastness feature

Swedish yarn doesn’t usually fade color but weaver still needs to keep this pointer in mind. If the yarn tends to fade its color on washing, this will ruin the entire pattern of the weaving project. The color of the yarn might make your finished object colored. So, you are always advised to check this feature of the yarn before buying it.

Is the Swedish yarn durable?

One unique feature that you shouldn’t forget about Swedish wool yarn is its elongation and durability. Durable yarns can help in making your project durable and last longer. If the yarn is not tear-resistant, it will break while stitching and weaving. This is why, weavers must know if the Swedish yarn is durable or not for weaving projects.

Best-grade Swedish wool yarn from Hobby365

If you are a weaver and want to weave warm clothes using Swedish wool yarn then you can buy it from Hobby 365. This online seller is a one-stop shop where weavers and knitters can get different sizes and types of yarns. Also, you can buy 2 strands, 3 strands, and 4 strands of Swedish wool yarn from them.

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